And it's time for a puppy update - mostly because nothing else in my life has changed. Well, I guess we did move recently and I do have a newish job... but priorities people. Plus, I can't talk much about work anyway without being tempted to make some serious HIPAA violations. 

So anyway, this is what Link has learned how to do in the past few months:

Sit, Stay, Lay down, Wait, Jump, Down, Fetch and Shake (sometimes).
How to shred a puppy pad in .25 seconds.
How to push his kennel up to the washer so he can get to his treats in the cabinet above the dryer.
How to herd chubby pugs (and royally piss Zorro off by stealing his food).
How to jump onto the kitchen table at the most inopportune moments.
How to jump AND climb over the baby gates. 
How to bark at anything that moves. (Sorry Whittingtons)
How to guard the house with all the ferocity of a 15 lb fluff ball.
How to get his belly scratched. Whenever.
How to outsmart the husband. :)
How to make me cry when I have to put him away for a few hours. He's perfected his whine.

Yep, that's about it. Life is fantastic with a puppy around.



Meet the new addition to our tiny little family:

He's affectionately known as Link. He's also (not so affectionately) known as Linkosaurus.

Link is a Mini Aussie Puppy. He is currently 12 weeks old, 8.0 lbs and mostly fluff. He sits, waits, plays fetch, cuddles lots and likes to eats toes and leaves. But most importantly, he knows where to poop. I love him more than I thought possible.